3 min readJan 26, 2022


Hey crew,

It was a great feeling to be part of the first IMAGI-NATION{LABS} yesterday. I can see the opportunity here to build out an incredible resource that links people to some super deep thinking and can be sent throughout our netwrok in targeted ways.

I built a super quick site last night that can act as the home of IMAGI-NATION{LABS}.

The idea is to keep it super simple with the op to land on this page and dig straight into episodes.

Clicking through to the Ep gives you a run down of the guests with links to their core work.

Then the episode with a summary and link to the transcript.

Then some key quotes — also option for key links to dig into more but didn’t quite get that far.

I think the key part of making this efficient is the way in which we process guests and can information at key points.

Some options for guests to include along the way include:

  • Profile picture
  • What link they want us to use
  • Consent
  • Their preferred bio
  • Any other info links they would like to include

Second part is the transcript.

Can we justify ordering the transcript for each episode? — I think it is like $60 or so each week. It is so rad to have put happy to talk about other options.

Let’s dig into the next phase of ordering for the parts and within a few weeks I think we can have a crispy process where:

  • Guests locked
  • We get all the helpful details for a rad mailout and great landing page
  • We send out a pre email for the live show (think we should consider a smaller VIP {LABS} mailout as well and automate more updates etc
  • We build each page and then ping it back to the guests to share
  • We send out an email after with links to page and other useful parts to create energy and get ready for teh following week
  • These pages start to link to more engagement across the org — send it to more people and be targeted with the approach




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